Pro-, Anti-H.B. 2 rallies to converge on Capitol on Monday

NCCapitolEastFront_OWNBy Jeff Moore

RALEIGH – The Christian Action League has issued an urgent call to action in support for House Bill 2, advising those interested in showing support to take part in a rally on the lawn of the state Capitol on Monday at noon.

In response, Triangle Families Against HB2 is organizing a counter-protest to voice their opposition to the law.

Triangle Families Against HB2 previously protested the law in front of the Executive Mansion on Blount Street.

The Christian Action League claims the legislation is supported by the vast majority of North Carolinians, while opponents claim it unfairly discriminates against the LGBT community.

The law was passed by the North Carolina General Assembly during a special session in response to a Charlotte City Council ordinance that, among other things, would have mandated Charlotte business owners not discriminate against individuals using the bathroom of the gender they identify with.