News and Observer editorial page editor arrested for DWI




 RALEIGH – The editorial page editor of the News and Observer, Ned Barnett, was arrested for speeding and Driving While Impaired late Friday night. According to arrest reports, Edwin Bernard Barnett, 59, was stopped on Hillsborough Street for allegedly driving over 55 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone.  His blood alcohol level was reported at 0.12, exceeding the 0.08 legal limit. 

On Friday evening Hillsborough Street hosted the N.C. State homecoming parade, drawing thousands of students, alumni and football fans for the celebrations ahead of Saturday’s N.C. State versus Clemson football game. Barnett is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 7.  

According to his LinkedIn profile, Barnett took the helm of the News and Observer editorial page in 2013, succeeding Steve Ford.  He started with the N and O as a sportswriter and columnist. His profile also says he has worked at the Dallas Times-Herald and the St. Petersburg Times. He attended Fairfield University, a private college located in Fairfield, Conneticut.