Department of Public Safety reorganization claims 2 top jobs


Frank Perry, secretary of the N.C. Department of Public Safety

RALEIGH – Two top-level leaders at the N.C. Department of Public Safety had their jobs eliminated in a reorganization announced Thursday, one of them the wife of state House budget writer Nelson Dollar (R-Wake). The reorganization follows the elimination of the position in the budget of commissioner of law enforcement, a post previously filled by Greg Baker, who survived the reorganization when Secretary Frank Perry announced Baker would fill the new position of commissioner of operations.

“We have already been working to identify great opportunities in state government for those involved in this reorganization,” department spokeswoman Pamela Walker said Wednesday while declining to confirm that Lorrie Dollar and William Crews had been let go.


Lorrie Dollar

Dollar previously filled the position of operational head of the public safety agency, making $133,000 annually. Thus Baker seems to have replaced her role. William “Bill” Crews was also not included in the reorganizational memo that Perry released Wednesday. He was making $121,000 in his post as commissioner for the administration division.

Baker’s previous position was eliminated by position number in the budget that passed in September. Legislators have been known to target state employees by position number if they have had disagreements with an agency, but if Baker had any dust-ups with legislators they were apparently behind closed doors. The budget also moved administrative control of the state Capitol Police under the State Highway Patrol.