Municipal elections held today in some N.C. cities and towns

Image credit: Troye Owens.

Image credit: Troye Owens.

RALEIGH – Some citizens will head to the polls today in North Carolina to cast their votes for municipal elections, including choosing city and town council members, mayors, and other posts. While most municipalities will vote Nov. 3, a handful of jurisdictions either hold a primary on Oct. 6 or hold the general election on Oct. 6 with Nov. 3 as a runoff date, if needed. Not all cities and towns will hold elections this fall, since by state law municipalities can elect leaders in odd- or even-numbered years. Voters must have lived in the municipality for at least 30 days before the election to vote, according to the State Board of Elections.

The biggest election today will be in Raleigh, where incumbent mayor Nancy McFarlane will face off against Bob Weltzin, a chiropractor and captain in the Army Reserve’s Military Police. Raleigh City Council seats are also on the ballot.

Different kinds of elections will be held across the state this fall, according to the Board of Elections.

  • Simple plurality: A nonpartisan election where the highest vote-getter wins, or, if two positions are at stake, the highest two vote-getters win, and so on. These elections will be held Nov. 3.
  • Partisan primary and election: Like races for governor or General Assembly seats, these elections feature party primaries to choose which candidate (or candidates) will represent the party on the general-election ballot. Only six municipalities use this method to choose their leadership.
  • Nonpartisan primary and election: If more candidates file for a seat than twice the number of seats available, a nonpartisan primary is held Oct. 6. No party affiliations are printed on the ballot.
  • Election and runoff: Another type of nonpartisan election. Municipalities that use this type hold the general election in October, then if a run-off is needed it is held in November. This is the type of election being held in Raleigh today.