EpiPens can be prescribed to businesses in bill headed to governor

EpiCarton+TNAL+LOCK+UPRALEIGH – The N.C. House passed a measure Tuesday that authorizes healthcare providers to prescribe EpiPens, or epinephrine auto-injector, to organizations that regularly serve children in their course of business. The measure does not apply to schools, which are already allowed to have them on hand.

EpiPens inject epinephrine into a patient who is having a life-threatening allergic reaction, buying the patient some time to get to a hospital. The measure was promoted by hotels and restaurants who said they want to have a device on hand for use in emergencies. Existing law only allows a person with allergies to be prescribed the device.

The measure also requires businesses who are prescribed Epipens to have authorized staff members undergo training for their proper storage and use. Those staff members and businesses would have liability protections from lawsuits that may result from treatments with an epinephrine auto-injector.

The measure passed both chambers unanimously and, if signed by Gov. Pat McCrory, camps, day cares, universities, sports arenas, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses would be allowed to stockpile the injectors.