N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory bets a pile of BBQ against S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley over Tar Heels-Gamecocks

North-Carolina-Tar-Heels-vs.-S-Carolina-GamecocksWhen the Tar Heels and Gamecocks take the field to kickoff the college football season on Thursday night, a pair of governors will be sweating out more than pride.

When the 2015 football season kicks off, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will be literally licking their chops thanks to the two politicians wagering a shipment of local barbecue on the outcome of the game.

And what would be a friendly food wager without a little trash talk?

“There is no question that nothing compares to North Carolina barbecue,” McCrory said. “While I fully expect the Tar Heels to be victorious, if South Carolina wins the game Governor Haley definitely gets the better end of the deal.”

Haley declined to engage in the “smack talk” with her northern counterpart, instead lobbing out the sort of platitude you wouldn’t expect from one of Steve Spurrier’s pals.

“We realize we could get into a back and forth of smack talk with Governor McCrory but we consider him a friend and will let the players speak for themselves by way of the scoreboard,” said Governor Haley. “Michael and I look forward to sharing some North Carolina barbecue with the Spurriers.”

OK maybe that last part was fairly Spurrier-esque. (Except if the OBC was the one talking, he would’ve lit up McCrory with something about Arby’s being a better option than the local fare.)

The more important thing? If McCrory is to lose — and South Carolina is favored by 2.5 points — what kind of barbecue does he ship south of the border?

Eastern? Western? BOTH? You can vote here to help the Gov. decide.