Interceptions at the Intersection: August 20, 2015

RALEIGH – We’re hearing a few interesting things on Jones and Blount streets. Here’s a round-up:


No, the other Rep. Hall…

Rep. Duane Hall (D-Raleigh).

Rep. Duane Hall (D-Raleigh).

John Hood has taken a turn at guessing who the Democratic nominee to challenge U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (R-Winston-Salem) will be. In an article Wednesday, Hood said that the list now includes state Rep. Duane Hall, former state Rep. Deborah Ross and Chris Rey. Rey is the mayor of Spring Lake in Cumberland County, while the other two potential contenders are from Wake County.

Hood, the conservative commentator who is now the chairman of the John Locke Foundation, says that while Burr would be foolish not to take the race seriously, this list of candidates is somewhat weak.

“[N]one of them has a track record of winning competitive general elections. None has yet exhibited the ability to raise the large amount of money it will take to run a statewide campaign…,” Hood writes. That analysis is in contrast to previously mentioned candidates to challenge Burr, including former U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan and former U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler.

Burr, who is serving his second Senate term after 10 years in the U.S. House, reported having raised $3.5 million so far in 2015, with $3.7 million cash on hand for 2016. The National Journal recently called Burr “a difficult opponent in a very expensive state,” but also said that Shuler is still in the conversation and could prove a good candidate.


Tweaking Jerry Tillman…

Americans for Prosperity North Carolina, the conservative, free-market group headed by Donald Bryson, appears to be tweaking state Sen. Jerry Tillman (R-Randolph) for his apparent support of solar energy subsidies. AFP-NC responded to an N.C. Sustainable Energy Association photograph of Tillman at a pro-solar event with an image of its own – a pledge Tillman apparently signed in 2014, promising to support “any legislation that puts an end to North Carolina’s market-distorting green energy mandate, known as the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard.”



A bill reworking the REPS, House Bill 760, has passed the House but is stalled in the Senate.


Forest on YouTube…ForrestEdSpendingYouTubeSS

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest (R) has released what he says is the first of a series of videos that are intended to “inform the public of what is actually going on in North Carolina.” The first YouTube video features Forrest discussing education funding with a backdrop of the Senate floor – Forest is president of the Senate – interspersed with infographic-type images to illustrate Forest’s points.

While he doesn’t have much say over state spending on education, Forest is a member of the State Board of Education and is on the State Board of Community Colleges.


RepubDebateSSI own a parrot who doesn’t drink…

And finally, some comic relief. Check out this bad lip synching video of the Republican debate. Trigger warning: You will hear Donald Trump be made to say “It’s a thing the tuna melt does to me.”

The lip-dub is done by Bad Lip Reading, an anonymous site that usually riffs popular songs but has taken on President Obama and the NFL, among others, in the past.