“Immoral Mondays” site details secret funding of Moral Monday protests, NCGOP says

Credit: TW Buckner

Credit: TW Buckner

WINSTON-SALEM – The N.C. Republican Party is firing back against the latest “Moral Monday” protests scheduled for this evening in Winston-Salem. A new site, immoralmondays.com, highlights the purported funding stream of the Moral Monday events, led by N.C. NAACP President Rev. William Barber. It shows infusions of money from out-of-state labor unions based on public disclosure documents.

“Today we’re here to expose the truth behind Moral Mondays and the opposition to the voter ID,” said new N.C. GOP Chairman Hasan Harnett in a press conference this morning. “Up until now, the groups [that] have organized today’s protests have not been honest with the North Carolina people, and we believe the truth has to come out.”

NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett

NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett

The website launch and press conference come as Barber’s group prepares for this evening’s march and protest in downtown Winston-Salem. In the past, the group has used civil disobedience and arrests to gain national attention. Organizers say they expect 2,000 people today to demonstrate against the North Carolina voter ID law. The law is the subject of a lawsuit in a Winston-Salem federal courtroom today.

The suit was brought against the state by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Coalition for Justice, who claim it creates hurdles to casting a vote. Liberal billionaire activist George Soros is funding the lawsuits, according to a New York Times article.

The law being challenged reduced the number of early voting days while maintaining the same number of early voting hours, ends same-day voter registration and prohibits counting votes cast in the wrong precinct. The measure was intended to prevent voter fraud and passed the General Assembly with bi-partisan support. However, over the past two years it gained national attention as the 2016 elections heat up.  The chair of the N.C. Democratic Party, reportedly said they have played a role in organizing some of the protests, and Hilary Clinton cheered Barber on in a Texas speech earlier this week. Marc Elias, the lawyer leading the suit that begins today, also represented Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Credit: United Workers and Healthcare Maryland workers board busses to NC for protests in February 2014

Credit: United Workers and Healthcare
Maryland workers board busses to NC for protests in February 2014

“Rev. Barber and ‘Immoral Mondays’ have been bought and paid for by the big out-of-state labor unions, who want to impose their big-government agenda on North Carolina, and now we have the proof,” said Todd Poole, executive director of the N.C. GOP. “The reality is that ‘Immoral Mondays’ is a front for the biggest out-of-state unions to launch ceaseless attacks against Governor McCrory and Republican leaders. And while they put on a smoke and mirror show for the press about Voter ID, their efforts to challenge this common sense law is more about making it easier for Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Cooper and their union allies to cheat in our elections rather than protecting people’s rights.”

Today’s demonstration in Winston-Salem begins with a march at 5 p.m. and ends with a rally at Corpening Plaza.