NCDP supporters gathering for Jefferson Jackson dinner

RALEIGH – Democrats from across the state are gathering this evening at the Raleigh Convention Center for the annual Jefferson Jackson Banquet. The speakers lineup features the top names in the state party, including Attorney General Roy Cooper, Former governors Jim Hunt and Beverly Purdue, Congressman David Price, Congressman Bobby Scott, House Minority Leader Larry Hall and state Senator Josh Stein.

“We have to focus sharply on what Republicans have done to public education,” said Congressman David Price (D-NC). “You’ve got to mobilize people.  There’s a lot of passion about what Republicans have done, but turning that into votes is a major challenge.  We did it to a degree in 2012,  but we have to do it even more in 2016.”

The annual event brings members of the party together as party of their effort to boost fundraising, training and energy in the grassroots campaigners. 

“We are working to find good candidates to put education at the top of the priority list,” said NCDP Chairwoman Patsy Keever. “We are very upset about the cuts to education and we are looking to make our state priorities education, clean air and water, and healthcare, particularly women’s healthcare.”

  “We are excited about a new beginning, we lost some seats in recent years and we are getting geared up to take those back,” said Keever. “And we have a governor seat that we fully intend to take back.”