Statesman to Activist? Republicans see Glazier resignation as a move to boost Center’s credibility

glazier02RALEIGH – The N.C. Justice Center announced today that it will hire Rep. Rick Glazier, a Democrat from Fayetteville, to take the helm as executive director.

“We look forward to having him lead our efforts to eliminate poverty and increase opportunities for all North Carolina citizens,” said Cathy Tamsberg, co-chair of the Justice Center board.

The center has been a vocal opponent of the Republican majority’s agenda on everything from school choice to tax cuts. They, and other left-leaning groups, have relied heavily on Glazier’s strong presence on the House floor to take their views public.

“The choice of Glazier shows that the Democrat puppet masters are worried about the N.C. Justice Center’s loss of credibility after predicting a $600 million budget deficit and being embarrassed when the state actually had a $400 million surplus,” said a senior GOP official.  “It showed people that they’re not interested in the truth or good policy, they’re just interested in obstructionism. They’re obviously trying to put a strong ally for Roy Cooper in charge of what has essentially been the organization coming up with Democrat talking points for years.”

Glazier has served as the representative from Cumberland County for 13 years and will serve until the end of this legislative session.