Raleigh Law & Public Safety Committee postpones vote on outdoor seating proposal

RALEIGH — Today the Raleigh City Council’s Law & Public Safety Committee voted 2 to 1 in favor of a proposal to push back a vote on downtown outdoor seating.

There has been an uproar over the proposed ordinace, which would require businesses downtown to hit a 30 percent mark on food sales to qualify for outdoor seating.

The committee appeared to clearly stand against that text, but more importantly was concerned with a July 1 deadline resulting from the need to reissue outdoor seating permits.

Instead the proposal from the committee will extend outdoor dining permits until August 1 and seek to bring together the various concerned groups — businesses, residents, and others. 

“I’m looking for us to be deliberate,” council member Wayne Maiorano said. “I’m not looking for us to make a decision, I’m looking for us to make the right decision.”

Other aspects of the proposal:

  • Put together a hospitality group
  • Hold meetings for expectations
  • Start enforcement of current laws
  • Facilitate a discussion of how to manage clean-up

Courtesy of Carolina Brew Review.