Carson: It’s time to be courageous


RALEIGH – Sunday morning in downtown Raleigh is usually bustling with church-goers, seeking an inspiring word from their preachers. But today those words came from presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson. Speaking to N.C. GOP Convention delegates at a prayer breakfast, Carson didn’t focus on taxes or public policy. Instead, patriotism and prayer were the topics of the day.

“The freedom is in our hands right now. Are we going to give away our freedom, or are we going to pass that baton high, to the next generation so that they may live in one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all?,” Carson challenged the group.


Carson said he was looking forward to retiring from his career as a neurosurgeon, not entering politics, when he was asked to speak for the second time to the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013. The only other person to speak there twice was Billy Graham. “Those were some big shoes to fill,” he laughed, “But I said, ‘Lord, if you keep opening doors, I’ll keep walking through them, and He keeps opening doors.”

The prayer breakfast wrapped up the biggest N.C. GOP Convention weekend ever with more than 2,000 attendees snapping up the flag ties, elephant hats, inspiring speeches, and renewed energy for North Carolina Republicans.


“They don’t care whether you agree with their progressive agenda, just shut up and let them drive the boat,” Carson said. “We have not embraced courage. We have been beaten into submission. People are afraid to express their beliefs, that someone will call them a name, they’ll get an IRS audit, someone will mess with their jobs or their kids. This is how you control the majority. Its time to be courageous.”