Sen. Ted Cruz to N.C. Republicans: People of faith have got to show up

 RALEIGH — Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told a small round table of N.C. GOP convention attendees today that the country is on the edge of a cliff fiscally and morally and that the “Judeo-Christian values that built this country are under unrelenting assault.”

Cruz told the group, which included state Rep. Larry Pittman, that he is the right candidate to get the country on track.

“The greatest trick the left has pulled is convincing conservatives that America doesn’t share our values. That is a lie,” Cruz said.

Cruz spent most of his talk focusing on social issues, as many around the table were faith leaders.

Steve Noble of Raleigh, a Christian radio show host, said that he is supporting Cruz in the primary.

“I really appreciate the strategy they’ve laid out,” Noble said. “He’s the most committed and he’s got the best record of all the candidates.”