McCrory’s veto of property protection act overridden

McCrory-600px_HS(Raleigh, NC) Both chambers voted to override Governor McCrory’s veto of House Bill 405, called the Property Protection Act by its supporters and the Ag-Gag bill by its opponents. The vote was 79-36 in the House and 33-15 in the Senate, meaning the act is now law.

Bill sponsor Rep. Chris Whitmire, reacting to the override said, “this bill fully protects first amendment and whistle-blower rights. It’s putting a damper on those who seek to fabricate information and destroy businesses, some of which were built over generations.”

Governor McCrory vetoed the bill this week, sending his disapproval of House Bill 405 back the General Assembly. McCrory said that he supported the purpose of the bill but did not believe it adequately protected honest employees who uncover criminal activity. McCrory also said, “I am concerned that subjecting these employees to potential civil penalties will create an environment that discourages them from reporting illegal activities.”  Click here to read McCrory’s full statement on his veto.