House Democrats file The Equality for All Act

RALEIGH — Equality NC executive director rep. Chris Sgro (D-Greensboro) filed House bill 1078, The Equality for All Act, on Tuesday.

The bill extend3825_042416_sgro_cn_71fs discrimination protections to sexual orientation and gender identity to areas of housing, employment, public accommodations, and lending and insurance practices, and charter and non-public schools.

“This is the most comprehensive set of discrimination protections in North Carolina’s history,” said Sgro in a Tuesday press conference on the bill. “I know that there is bipartisan support for discrimination protections.”

Sgro was appointed to his seat in the House of Representatives by the Guilford County Democratic Party Executive Committee to serve the remainder of Rep. Ralph Johnson who died in March.

“The compromise is to repeal H.B. 2,” Sgro said when asked about possible compromises between H.B.1078 and the controversial Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act passed in special legislative session earlier this year in response to a Charlotte City Council ordinance.

“What has been compromised is the State of North Carolina,” Sgro added.

It remains to be seen what level of support exists for H.B. 1078 among the Republican majority in the House.