New N.C. GOP Chairman Robin Hayes addresses media

Robin Hayes, N.C. GOP Chairman
Robin Hayes, N.C. GOP Chairman

Robin Hayes, N.C. GOP Chairman

Raleigh – Robin Hayes, the recently elected chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, joined N.C. GOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse to address the media Wednesday in Hayes’ first public appearance since the censure and removal of embattled former Chairman Hassan Harnett.

“He has already hit the ground running,” Woodhouse said of Hayes.  Hayes was elected to the position on April 30, receiving 72 percent of the total votes.

“I was elected chairman a number of years ago, never thought about doing it. People kind of talked me into it. Of all the different things I’ve done in public service, elected office, being chairman has been the most fun,” Hayes said.

Hayes formerly served as chairman of the state party from 2011 to 2013.

“I’m here as just a plain old ordinary citizen,” said Hayes of accepting his new role. “We’re going to have fun, and do what the people want and expect us to do.”

“We are just thrilled about an exciting Republican convention this weekend in Greensboro,” said Woohouse. The N.C. GOP convention is scheduled for May 6-8 in Greensboro at the Koury Convention Center.

“This weekend is going to be special… please stay tuned as we change the face of politics,” said Hayes.

“The energy, and more importantly the enthusiasm and the interest in the electoral process, in voting, is great. People get what they vote for,” Hayes said of the high level of interest in the current election cycle.

“Our friends in the Republican National Committee and us have been working for months to make sure the ground is toiled (sic). Working with activists and volunteers and team leaders, and we think that process is ready to immediately move in when we officially have a nominee. We now, according to Chairman Preibus, have a presumptive nominee in Mr. Trump,” said Woodhouse of the N.C. GOP’s ground operations.

Donald Trump won the Indiana primary on Tuesday, causing his remaining competitors, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio), to suspend their campaigns.

Woodhouse extended an invitation to Trump to attend the N.C. GOP convention this weekend. “We would love to have our presumptive nominee come here.”

“It’s good news when you have the nominee. We’ve got a good one and we can now focus on the general election and winning in November,” said Hayes.

“We’ve always got unity in the party. We’re always striving for 100 percent,” Hayes said when asked about restoring unity within the party after the recent removal of former chairman Hassan Harnett.  “Folks that had other ideas are coming around and working with us. It’s going to be good.”

The convention kicks off May 6 in Greensboro.