Stein, Moore, Forest, Goodwin show hefty numbers so far as campaign finance reports roll in

ncsbe-logoRALEIGH – Mid-year campaign finance reports are due to the State Board of Elections on Friday, and Sen. Josh Stein, House Speaker Tim Moore, Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin are posting good numbers so far as candidates raise money for the 2016 elections. Reports had to be postmarked by Friday, so they will trickle in over the next few days.

Included below is former state Rep. Ken Spaulding (D), who is running for for governor. Spaulding has raised more than $100,000 since forming his campaign committee, and what’s interesting is that he raised his $50,000 from 231 donors this year. Compare that to Stein, who is running for Attorney General and has raised over $1 million from 344 donors.

We will post more information as it comes in.

COUNCIL OF STATE members and presumed candidates

Receipts since Jan. 1 Cash on Hand – June 30
Gov. Pat McCrory (R)  $1.308,292  $2.411,378
Lt. Gov. Dan Forest (R) $363,495 $247,632
June Atkinson (D) $0 $9,449
Cherie Berry (R) $16,525 $28,108
Roy Cooper (D)  $2,162,697  $3,042,815
Janet Cowell (D)  $180,096  $221,360
Wayne Goodwin (D) $77,698 $360,208
Elaine Marshall (D)  $42,449  $35,380
Steve Troxler (R)  $1,000  $6,650
Beth Wood (D)  $23,265  $27,116
Ken Spaulding (D) – Governor $44,393 $50,856
Sen. Josh Stein (D) – Attorney General $364,859 $1,114,064
Jim O’Neill (R) – Attorney General  $7,332  $93,941
Sen. Buck Newton (R) – Attorney General  $167,700  $212,527


Selected General Assembly members

Receipts since Jan. 1 Cash on Hand – June 30
Senate Leader Phil Berger (R)
House Speaker Tim Moore (R) $422,020 $504,908
Sen. Tom Apodaca (R) $18,950 $106,376
Sen. Brent Jackson (R) $79,800 $116,160
Sen. Dan Blue (D) $7,255 $54,961
Rep. Paul Stam (R) $4,621 $2,542
Rep. Larry Hall (D)  $53,650  $14,995
Rep. Mike Hager (R)  $38,218  $24,006
Rep. Susan Fisher (D)  $27,467  $5,372
Rep. Rick Catlin (R) 0 $93,740