General Assembly sends 14 bills to McCrory

legbuilding genericRALEIGH – The General Assembly gave Gov. Pat McCrory 14 mostly non-controversial bills Thursday before leaving town for the weekend.

Here’s a run-down of what the chambers passed and sent to the governor:


  • House Bill 59 (House 102-3, Senate 47-0) clarifies the admissibility of reports of forensic and chemical analysis in trials and exempts certain hearings from court reporting requirements
  • House Bill 134 (House 115-0, Senate 46-0) provides that minors cannot be charged with soliciting for prostitution and must instead be taken into temporary protective custody as an undisciplined juvenile
  • House Bill 185 (House 100-6, Senate 47-0) would repeal obsolete commissions within the Department of Cultural Resources and repeal a law relating to state agencies’  use of acid-free archival paper for public documents
  • House Bill 186 (House 100-6, Senate 44-0) would require the Environmental Review Commission to conduct a study of water resources availability in the Cape Fear River basin and to permit the Rules Review Commission to hire lawyers to represent it when it is sued by other state-created bodies
  • House Bill 229 (House 105-1, Senate 47-0) would modify the exemption for real estate property used for religious purposes
  • House Bill 383 (House 106-0, Senate 44-0) reorganizes sexual offence laws in the General Statutes as recommended by the North Carolina Court of Appeals
  • House Bill 397 (House 106-0, Senate 47-0) clarify that upon conviction for exploitation of an older adult or disabled adult, any seized assets shall be used to satisfy the defendant’s restitution obligation as ordered by the court
  • House Bill 529 (House 100-5, Senate 47-0) would repeal the punishment of revoking a person’s drivers license for committing certain driving-while-license-revoked offenses and would make driving-while-license-revoked a nonmoving violation for certain purposes
  • House Bill 721 (House 105-1, Senate 47-0) clarifies what types of financial assurance localities can require from a developer
  • House Bill 823 (House 108-0, Senate 48-0) establishes a state Advisory Council on Rare Diseases
  • Senate Bill 182 (House 106-2, Senate 47-0) regulates the use of automatic license plate readers
  • Senate Bill 183 (House 105-1, Senate 49-0) would eliminate confinement in response to a violation for misdemeanor offenders sentenced under structured sentencing, as recommended by the North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission
  • Senate Bill 233 (House 108-0, Senate 48-1) requires state courts to automatically expunge any records related to a charge if the charge is found to be a case of mistaken identity or identity theft
  • Senate Bill 374 (House 82-24, Senate 45-2) would prevent the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries from making a deal with the federal government to jointly enforce federal regulations in North Carolina’s state waters and beyond and makes changes to log-book requirements for commercial fishermen.