Glazier quits N.C. House, N.C. GOP calls him a Roy Cooper ally


Rep. Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland)

RALEIGH – Representative Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland) submitted his resignation today, announcing that he will be the new Executive Director of the N.C. Justice Center.

“My heart now calls me to a difference place of work,” he told colleagues on the floor of the House. “It has been my unique honor to serve this state,” he said on the floor of the House.

Glazier served in the House for 13 years, a vocal advocate for Democrats’ key issues.

House Speaker Tim Moore (R-CLeveland) called Glazier “One of the more knowledgeable and respected members of the House. He was a very formidable opponent and very favorable ally,” adding that he will be missed by both Democrats and Republicans.

Glazier’s new N.C. Justice Center post puts him at the head of a left-leaning nonprofit with a reputation for targeting the Republican majority’s efforts over the past three years.

“It pushed the pro-union, big government Obama-Clinton-Cooper-Moral Monday agenda and is a member of the secretive web of liberal attack organizations which have the stated goal of defeating Pat McCrory at all costs,” said N.C. GOP Executive Director Todd Poole.  “Its so-called policy experts have already lost all credibility with false predictions, and now the Attorney General’s ally, Rick Glazier, will run this anti-Republican ‘think tank.'”

Glazier will continue to serve until the end of the session.