Election recalls could be headed to Moore County


RALEIGH – N.C. House Rep. Jamie Boles (R-Moore) is working on legislation today that would allow Moore County to hold an election recall of its local school board.

This came after the Moore County School Board fired school Superintendent Dr. Robert Grimesey suddenly last week, drawing outcry from the community and leading to the resignation of three board members, with more resignations expected.


Rep. Jamie Boles (R-Moore)

“This is not about whether the school superintendent should be re-hired. That is between the board and the superintendent,” said Boles. “My concern is that the citizens were not given just cause. Currently there is no statewide bill to given them recourse over local officials. This would be a tool in the tool box so citizens can gather a petition and put it to the people. They just need a process, and that’s what this would be.”

Despite outrage in the community, the board members would not reveal their reason behind firing Dr. Grimesey 5-3 after he held the post for just under a year.

“The people have a right to have a voice in this process,” said Boles.

North Carolina is one of only 12 states that do not have a statewide law allowing for election recalls of local officials. Boles’ legislation would add Moore County to a short list of other North Carolina counties and municipalities that allow citizens to petition for recalls.

If the bill were to pass the House, it would need to be approved by the Senate, but as a local bill it would not need Gov. Pat McCrory’s signature to become law.