Trump says he would make better deals for America

Trump in Raleigh this August, outside the NCGOP Convention
Donald Trump

Donald Trump bids farewell to supporters with Markeece Young, who introduced him at the N.C. GOP convention Saturday.

RALEIGH — Donald Trump spent the majority of his speech talking about foreign affairs and the economic consequences of what he sees as bad deals being made in Washington. The billionaire businessman remained coy about whether he would run for president or not, but his profanity-laced speech was a significant shift from the rest of the convention.

Little of Trump’s speech could be considered a serious policy talk, even when he veered into serious territory.

Trump hit the Obama administration hard on its deal with Iran, saying that the country got a bad deal.

“They are making nuclear weapons while they are tapping us along,” Trump said, using a negotiating term that he said means stringing the other party along to get a better deal.

Trump also had harsh words for China and Japan, which he says are manipulating their currencies to gain an advantage over U.S. businesses.

He also said that America has become a “dumping ground” for immigrants from other countries because of a porous southern border.

“Only stupid people think that Mexico is our friend,” Trump said. “We’re not getting their best and finest.”

Trump said he would make a great president because of his deal-making background and because he would be “impenetrable” to lobbyists.

Donald Trump greets supporters as outgoing party chairman Claude Pope looks on

“The American Dream is dead, he said. “But if I run it’s because I want to make America great again.”

Not all Trump’s attacks were reserved for Democrats and foreign countries. He said that Republican candidates Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have made “total asses” of themselves on the campaign trail.

Trump says he has made up his mind about whether he is running for president but that he will wait until June 16 to announce that decision.

In addition to North Carolina, Trump has travelled to Iowa and New Hampshire for political events, stoking assumptions that he will announce his candidacy.