McCrory: Conservative principles have yielded great results


 RALEIGH — Governor Pat McCrory spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of Republican delegates at the North Carolina GOP Convention on Saturday. His speech was frequently interrupted by applause when he talked about lower taxes and this year’s $400 million state surplus. But he also took the opportunity to set goals for future efforts and take some jabs at Democrats and the news media. 

“The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the tough choices and smart policy we’ve instituted are working – you aren’t going to read that in the News and Observer or the Charlotte Observer or the New York Times.” (Wall Street Journal article) 

The speech comes after a tense week on Jones and Blount streets. The General Assembly overrode McCrory’s veto of a bill that gave employers broader legal recourse against employees who steal documents or items from work or take secret pictures. Another veto override may be on the horizon. The Senate already overrode a bill that would allow magistrates to recuse themselves from performing marriage ceremonies. The House is expected to reconsider the measure next week.

Despite the conflicts, members of the General Assembly warmly welcomed the Governor, joining the crowd in cheering his comments on education and energy exploration.

“As conservatives, we beleive in strengthening our educational opportunities through choice. Giving parents the choice to send their kids to charter, public, homeschool, private school. We value all those choices equally,” he said. “Too often we sit on the sidelines of energy exploration and leave money on the table to support schools and other priorities. We need to get off the sidelines and produce energy right here in N.C.”

While lower taxes and lower unemployment dominated much of the conversation over the convention weekend, McCrory took the opportunity to talk about core conservative philosophies.

“We believe in helping those who cannot help themselves while also encouraging those who can,” he said. 

For many attending the N.C. GOP Convention in Raleigh, this weekend kicks off the 2016 elections.  “The energy is high. This is the largest convention that I’ve seen,” said A.J. Daoud, a delegate from District 6 and former candidate for chairman. 

Delegates will hear this evening from entrepreneur Donald Trump and Sunday morning from presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.