Chairman candidate Craig Collins looks toward 2016


RALEIGH — Craig Colllins, candidate for chairman of the N.C. GOP, spent the evening meeting with delegates and talking about the vision and challenges facing North Carolina Republicans in the coming year.

“We are the shining example across the country of how to overcome disastrous liberal policies with good conservative economic policy,” he said. “The Carolina Comback is the example that others need to look at to see how to create jobs and put people back into the postition to support their families.”

If elected by delegates during the convention this weekend, Collins would take the N.C. GOP reins from current chair Claude Pope in time for the 2016 gubernatorial and presidential races. The challenge is not lost on him.

“There’s a perception that all politicians are bad and that since the Republicans took over this recovery hasn’t been good enough or fast enough,” he said. “But what we have seen is one of the quickest, biggest turn-arounds in the country.”